$799.00 USD

Internet Marketing Audit
Internet Marketing Audit $799.00
Shakeup your site's ranking
  • Let the NitroShock marketing team review your site's true ranking, we provide you a realistic opinion of where your site is and isn't.
  • Our team will review the relevant site content
  • Review any available online marketing data
  • Our team will review the current and any available marketing opportunities
  • You then receive a detailed opinion of your sites current rank and available options to show you where we will drive your returns up!

$599.00 USD

SEO Starter Kit
Starting From $599.00
NitroShock your site for search engine readiness
  • NS will analyze your site and identify top keywords for your industry or area of focus. As well NS will identify top local market keywords.
  • NS copy staff will review site content for potential improvements and present change recommendations
  • NS will review and set Page Title and Header Tag to ensure optimization
  • Your site will be registered with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves
  • NS will configure Google analytics for your site.

$133.00 USD
Nitro Monitored
Starting From $133.00 a month
Your site needs more than just “build it and they will come”
  • NS will analyze your site and identify broken links, page errors or content duplication
  • NS SEO staff analyze site stats \ analytics and provides monthly report
  • Regularly reviews content \ site for improvements and recommends changes to improve ranking
  • Regularly reviews content \ site for SEO performance and recommends changes

$499.00 USD
SEO Supreme
Starting From $499.00 a month
NitroShock’s Enterprise SEO service for serious online needs
  • Includes all the features of our lower level packages, as well as
  • Our SEO team will provide weekly management of your pay-per-click and social media advertising and recommend changes
  • Your online business can’t wait a month for changes; our SEO service is there for you
  • NS SEO staff will provide regular content update recommendations to ensure SEO performance optimization

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