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On-line Marketing Strategies

Internet MarketingBefore starting a successful marketing campaign you need a strategy. Who are your competitors, who is not, who and where is your audience, what are your target keywords, your budget and the many other factors go into making up a cost effective strategy.

NitroShock wants the clients we agree to work with to understand the NitroShock philosophy towards the digital marketing playing field. Over the last 10 years we have seen drastic changes, some good, some not so good. What this means is we have adapted and will continue to adjust our direction as the industry refines and adapts.

SEO, SMM, SEM, S–whatever they all point to one thing, get the right traffic to your site that will want to view and interact with your content, that’s it. Do you have a current marketing strategy, more important is it working? Our experienced staff can review your current strategy, start fresh or develop your first marketing strategy designed around your budget, target market and audience.

Anyone can spend their money on the web, but from years of experience we know what works and what doesn’t!


Search Engine Marketing

The Internet or WWW may not be that old to most people but this marketing medium has gone through massive change in its short life span. Internet usage, mobilization and overall mass audience have driven the marketing industry to adapt to these challenges. NitroShock has worked with clients throughout these changes to adapt to what works to ensure we get their site in the top search results.

Old forms of traditional search marketing are gone and those that still practice these techniques are no longer found in the top search results. There are many facets that go into a successfully digital making campaign strategy. Our team works directly with you to analyse your assets and plans to develop the search engine marketing strategy that puts your dollars where you will see results.


Organic Search

Organic search results are the results that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to being advertisements (paid search). By contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising. We have the experience to help create a strategy to improve your organic position in search results. As with most marketing challenges we don’t guarantee overnight results but have made some dramatic changes in the past and continue to satisfy our client’s expectations.


Paid Search

This is always where the rubber hits the road in marketing and is where we have extensive experience and a proven track record of results! We started in paid search with Overture back in 2001 and provided marketing services for all the main paid search platforms. We specialize in Google Adwords and are a Certified in Advanced Search and Advanced Display; we also provide ad service on on Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Not only are we experts in the search but also in display ads, our team has worked with numerous clients over the years to develop ad copy that get noticed, more important our ads get clicked!


Local & Mobile

“I own a small business I can’t afford to advertise on the Internet” well today you can’t afford not to, online ads target a viewer’s current location to present ads for almost everything.

If you’re a local business you cannot ignore paid search any longer! Many of you’re competitors are ahead of you if you rely solely on organic search results. Localization is even more important with the explosion of mobile device search.

By geo targeting we are not showing your ads to the world but your local target market and this keeps your costs down and delivers the results you want. The days of putting up an on-line ad and driving results based on the number of site visitors are gone, your ads are seen by the people that have access to your products & services already.

Seeing an ad for a local pizza shop, hardware store or whatever your business does is the way to get you new customers and NitroShock will get you results, guaranteed!



We have over 15 years of extensive experience marketing products worldwide! We know how to setup campaigns for international marketing and optimize them to get the most for your money. Whether you have products and services to offer worldwide or need to direct your efforts a little closer to home we have the team to get you results.



Online branding is more important than ever, we can help create your brand and our service goes way beyond paid display ads. We can help you create your online brand including assessing and acquiring the right domain name and the current top social URL’s needed to market your brand.
Online branding has many stages depending on the overall marketing strategy chosen, NitroShock has the experience and proven results to help your brand get noticed.


Social Media Marketing

One of the fastest growing marketing platforms is social media, the exploding numbers speak for themselves, you’re audience is using social media and therefore cannot be ignored. Social media has become an essential part of the “trust” that goes into Internet marketing. Having social media links are often viewed as indicators of weather your company/organization is valid and may ultimately help decide whether or not a purchase should be made with you or your competitor.

Each social network has its advantages and we help you make the most of these. More and more companies are using social media as a link to their customers directly. What a concept direct advertising? Social Media is direct marketing.


Social Media / Advertising


Facebook has its own demographic and a huge following and an even greater mobile user base. Advertising here may not be for every business. NitroShock is here to help determine what can work well for many companies depending on your products or services.

Remember Facebook has direct access to your customers that are on Facebook and it lets them decide what to view or not, we can help ensure they chose your company at Facebook.


Today YouTube is the second biggest search engine! Here again this can be a great opportunity to grow your business! Depending on your audience YouTube offers several forms of ads and targeting options that may work for your business.

Let NitroShock show you how this video site can help drive customers to your business.



LinkedIn ads and sponsored updates can be a great way to develop a following of users who you need to target. LinkedIn’s ads have a lower interaction rate and can be expensive when compared to other forms of on-line ads, however the targeting abilities can offer benefits not found on other ad platforms.

NitroShock has the experience to develop the approach needed to drive LinkedIn users to your business.


Twitter is growing at an enormous rate and the marketing opportunities are just beginning, this growth will help shape the marketing strategy NitroShock uses to integrate with Twitter for our clients.

Lets discuss what is working and what isn’t to help ensure your success in this changing medium!


Reporting & Analytics

Data, the driving force behind many of our marking decisions, digital marketing relies even more on data. We install tracking code and monitor what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly. We fix, pause or stop what doesn’t work and optimize what does work to ensure you are getting the most for your money. We believe in transparency, you have access to your data at all times and whenever you want.


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