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When Nitroshock takes on a website project we strive to achieve success in; quality, structure and a consistent framework improvement. We believe quality is the root of all success in marketing and design. We ensure quality is at the forefront of your site’s structure; navigation and overall flow while ensuring that the finished site is optimized for your marketing needs.

NitroShock / Web Design


Market Focused Design

NitroShock’s digital marketing team works directly with our design team to help deliver fast; efficient and optimized designs for todays digital marketing requirements. We work with clients to improve their online presence including their social media presence. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can be a huge draw for marketing efforts, not everyone spends their cash wisely on these newer mediums, our marketing team continually increase their knowledge base to ensure our clients reap the rewards on the most efficient approach for all your digital marketing requirements.


Take your new or current site to the mobile web, the number of tablet an phone users surfing the web and requesting full web services is exploding, your site needs to grab those users because your competitors will. Mobile user’s pay-per-click numbers prove the audience is asking, so what are you going to deliver them?

Our design team has ample experience designing and redesigning sites to help ensure that mobile users don’t leave the second they see a standard site on their mobile device and go to your competitors site only because that site looks or flows better on their mobile device.

Design / Advantages

  • Social Media Integration

    Social media integration for your website.

  • Digital Market Review

    We’ll review your business situations, market strategy and digital direction

  • Market Focused Design

    You company’s target market and marketing strategy designed to your vision.

  • Modern Design Experience

    We design and support modern sites for all devices.

  • Mobile Device Optimized

    We provide redevelopment service for site mobilization.

  • Prebuilt Templates Available

    We offer prebuilt templates to allow you to get online even faster.

  • Cross Browsered

    We build and support websites for most popular browsers.

  • Well Structured

    Structured sites based on proven designs to ensure quick load times.

  • 12+ Years Design Exp.

    We have over 12 years experience designing business websites


Design / Phases

Below is a brief description of our process to get your vision on the web so your clients, customers, friends and community can explore your vision. NitroShock believes some level of effort needs to be addressed in each of these areas during your websites development lifecycle. Not all phases will require the same amount of effort as we utilize an agile development approach. Where we begin will depend on your vision and how far down the road are we now.

First we need and learn about you and your vision. We’ll review your business situations, market strategies and long-term objectives. The goal is to understand your organization and help uncover the problems that you want to solve. This initial phase is typically to produce a requirements document, identify the stakeholders and develop a project schedule.

Wire Framing
In order to build the foundation we need to develop a structured mockup of your vision. Together we will the draft the entire project, including; design and page flow, navigation and general layout decisions. NitroShock’s team will build initial wireframes meant to give you a view towards your overall vision.

Use Cases / Stories

How will an average site user navigate your site, purchase products, respond to post or comments are “User Cases”. These stories will allow our team to design a site flow that provides and enjoyable experience for your users as well as responds well for speed and SEO requirements. Stories help prioritize the sites requirements and focus and will ensure your cash is well spent on what matters to you and your site visitors.

Your team will work directly with our design team to develop detailed mockups of your main pages based on the use case stories and previous work sessions. You will be provided with a few design concepts and will work with the design team to finalize the project design. The confirmed design will be sent to the development team for input and revision and from there, the development stream takes your vision through the development steps while ensuring the design concept is front and center.

Development is where you get to turn your vision into reality. The development team will create the pages and functionality that the use case stories and your business direction provided to the previous phases. Your site may be up and functioning very soon after, others will be launched in phased deployment, with each new release adding new features and/or functionality. Utilizing an agile development approach allows us to adopt as the project reaches the final stages. The design approach and functionality requirements will provide the criteria for the number of development phases required to get your complete vision online.

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